10.24.03 :: New Forum Goes Live

Due to the increasing volume of notes-traffic, we've implemented an offsite forum.

7.22.03 :: Dev. Builds

The 0.4 development branch has finally come home.

6.08.03 :: Adblock 0.3 is now available.

Thanks to the contributions of Stefan Kinitz and Rue, Adblock for Firebird has now reached version 0.3.
New features include: A version for Mozilla will hopefully be released soon.

4.01.03 :: Adblock is now available for Phoenix.

Finally managed to port Adblock to Phoenix. Enjoy!

1.03.03 [update] :: Serious bug found.

A bug was discovered today. It turns out that it was not possible to add filters by right-clicking, unless some filters had already been added through the settings-dialog. This has now been corrected! Version is now incremented to 0.2.1 to signal the bugfixes.

1.03.03 :: Theme-problems solved.

Adblock's dialogs now look correct in classic, modern and hopefully all other themes. The bug-correction is actually so minor that it doesn't really justify a change of version-number. If you installed version 0.2 earlier than the 2nd of January, do the install again.

12.28.02 :: Adblock 0.2 is now available

Adblock has now been updated with the following features: Completely blocking images from loading, which is the most wanted feature among all users, unfortunately didn't make it into this release, as it has proven a difficult to implement. I hope it will be ready for the next release.
Adding a filter by right-clicking does not apply to flash-content, as the right-click-menu of this apparantly is out of Mozilla's control.
A Phoenix-version is high on my to-do-list now, as this neat-o little browser is quickly becoming my preferred browser.

The adblock project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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