• Why can't Adblock remove flash?
    It can.
  • So why don't I see an Adblock item in the flash-menu?
    Because embedded media have unscriptable context-menus. Adblock solves this in two ways:
    1.) all objects are "tagged" with a floating, translucent tab to click;
    2.) from the tools-menu, you can choose "Overlay Flash": this overlays all objects with a clickable div.
    Sometimes, due to cropping or overlaps, a tab is hidden. That's when you'd want to use option.2.
  • When is Adblock going to actually block ads -- not download them?
    Since v0.4, Adblock has blocked downloads.
  • But I want to support my favorite site! Can I set Adblock to download, and then hide stuff?
    Yes, see next question.
  • What's the difference between "hide" and "remove"?
    "Hide" preserves a page's layout -- content being downloaded, but not visibly rendered.
    "Remove" collapses the layout -- no content is downloaded.
  • Will Adblock ever filter images based on their size?
    No -- there's already a suitable solution for this in Bannerblind.
  • Can I whitelist a site, to keep it from being filtered?
    This is coming -- very soon.
  • How do I deinstall Adblock?
    For v0.5, just open the prefs, pop the 'options' menu, and choose "DeInstall". That's all.

    For v0.4 and prior, remove the file 'chrome.rdf' and its corresponding 'overlays' directory from app::chrome, profile::chrome as well as the xul cache and 'adblock.jar'.
    Next, remove all lines with references to 'adblock.jar' from 'installed-chrome.txt' -- located in the same folder as the jar-file.
    Lastly, for v0.4, remove all occurrences of 'adblock.xml' from userContent.css, also located in the same folder as the jar-file.

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