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This branch is tested irregularly with Firefox 1.0.7, 1.5, Mozilla 1.3.1, 1.7, and Seamonkey 1.0.

Adblock 0.5, Development Build 3:

                  • Whitelisting : for whole sites, pages, or individual elements.
                  • Statusbar-Indicator can be Right-clicked, to list options..
                  • ..or Middle-clicked, to quicklaunch Preferences.
                  • Background Images can now be Right-clicked > Adblocked.
                  • ClickImport : allows filters to be imported just by right-clicking the webpage.
                  • All objects are "tagged" with a floating tab, for one-click-filtering
                  • Statusbar-Indicator can be clicked to list all blockable-elements (including scripts)
                  • Now blocks everything -- backgrounds, script-serialized nodes... and yes, even scripts.
                  • Quickblock : quick-hiding of page elements, non-retentive
                    spacer shift + doubleclick ( + optional-drag)
                  • Can be easily de-installed
                           cmd + shift + b :: blocking toggle
                           cmd + shift + a :: list all blockable-elements
                           cmd + shift + f :: flash override toggle
                           cmd + shift + k :: quickblock toggle (default-on)
                           cmd + shift + p :: preferences
                   'cmd' maps to 'ctrl' on pc's

We bid farewell, and lo!- our friend returneth. At urgings from all fronts, Adblock v.5 is in development again. This should keep users happy, while fun stuff continues, underground. Enjoy!

Good Cheer,


      Current users:           -    just click below -- you don't have to deinstall first.

      Java 1.5b           -   per windows-compatibility

      Adblock 0.5 d3 nightly 43 (hosted by           -   installs for all versions of mozilla and firefox

      Changelog         - revision history with a sprinkling of notes

< nostalgia >    the days when webfree ruled the world... "meilleurs jours, mes amis... meilleurs jours."   < / >

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